Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reflection on Session 6

This was the last lecture we had for this module. I once again had an enriching lesson which I enjoyed. Two main activities that were of my interest:

MRT Station

1. We had to go down to the MRT station to count the height of the staircase from the top to the bottom!!

This was how I actually calculated..  I counted that there were four flights of stairs and the first flight had 16 steps. So naturally I thought all the 4 flights had 16 steps each. But I realized I was wrong when I walked down all the way to the bottom. I realized that there were 16, 16, 16, 14 (steps accordingly to the flights). Then I paused again and thought that I should not be counting the in betweens of the flights of steps. Finally I was not convinced and I walked all the way up, counting each step.

Lastly, I counted a total of 62 steps. Each step was approximately 14cm.
Answer: 62 steps multiply by 14cm = 868cm.

Kidney Beans Activity
2. Another activity that probably shocked me was the activity where we had to make a box to fit 15 kidney beans! That was when I had to apply the knowledge and understanding of volume and capacity. However, after looking at the job done by my group, I think I need to better understand and estimate the capacity or volume of something! The box we build could actually fit 45 kidney beans! How embarrassing!!

On the whole, this has really been an enriching module and I have learnt more than I thought I would have.

Thank you Dr Yeap!

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