Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reflection on Session 5

Session 5 was an enriching lecture that I experienced in class. There were a few things that I learnt which were not new to me but somehow when Dr Yeap explained it to the class, I saw new understandings to it. An example is: How many 1/2s are there are in 3/4? In the past, as a student, I would use the common Math solution and solve the question. However, now I am able to see a new light in these kind of questions and I am able to better understand the concept of these kind of questions. Previously, I saw these kind of questions as a typical Math question to solve but now its about first understanding the question, seeing a model pattern in it, and then finding the answer.

Join The Dots

Another interesting activity that I enjoyed was the 'Join The Dots'. I thought that was something good to do when we need to get our heads cracking. It was amazing to know that the squares could be drawn in so many ways! From that one activity, I must say that I started to believe that anything is possible in Math and I must learn how to look at different ways of solution to the final answer.

One thing that refreshed my memory after secondary school days is:

5 tansformation of shapes..

1. Reflect
2. Rotate
3. Translate
4. Stretch
5. Shear

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