Thursday, 25 August 2011

Reflection on Session 4

Lecture on 25 August was a bit more special for me because Dr Yeap went through the group and final assignments! I was happy because I've been waiting to get started on the final assignment so that I can get over and done with it! So.. finally I can get cracking on it!

Dr Yeap started the class very interestingly with a "mysterious" game. Initially I was really shocked that he could find the difference of the two numbers. Then I realize that this must be one of his "trick" game that involves a pattern. From this lesson, I learnt that it is really important to find a pattern so that we are able to analyze "what comes next". I really enjoyed the lesson. Another lesson involved us to fold papers of different shapes into 4 equal parts. It was nice when the whole class shared their views on why they think the 4 parts are equal and how they proved so. The different working methods from some of my classmates proved successful and I was pleased with myself to have contributed  one idea as well. I guess I was happy because that earned me a PEG! This lesson was simple yet enriching because it has given me new ideas as to how I can tackle such questions for the children in my class.

Different methods to prove that all 4 sides are equal
Towards the end, Dr Yeap went through with us something that I have probably never thought existed in word problems. I knew that different word problems are structured in different ways but I never knew that these structures have a name!! The different structures I learnt about are:

1. Join Problem

2. Seperate Problem

3. Part - Part Whole Problem

4. Compare Problem

And lastly.. of course once again.. THE QUIZ was interesting! Looking forward to the next session and of course THE QUIZ!! :)

*Actually.. the quiz is quite a good idea. When I am able to solve the problem and get the answers, I feel like I am so smart! Hahaha! At least I am able to relive some of my childhood days!! (Really just like a child!!) 

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