Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Reflection on Session 1

Lesson 3

The first lesson in class was really interesting for me not only because it was fun but also because I was surprised at how our lecturer, Dr Yeap, was able to make us think ALL the time!! I really thought my brains were going to burst!! But I must admit that it was real good fun and most importantly I learnt so many new things that I probably would not have thought I could learn. The different lessons that Dr Yeap went through with us: Name problem, Sound of Numbers, Ten Frames, Arrange the Cards, Number Tiles Puzzles. These lessons included little tricks which surprised me! The lesson that amazed me the most was "Arrange the Cards" simply because through that lesson , I was motivated to use my brains more effectively. I was not able to realize what the trick was when Dr Yeap allowed us to try the game on our own. When he was going through the procedure with the whole class, that was when I told myself that it was such a simple thing to solve yey I was not able to do it!! I was really feeling awkward because I felt that it was quite embarrassing!! I decided to use my brains more effectively for the second lesson.. :)

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