Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Reflection on Session 2

 Session 2 started with a quiz that went really well for me! I was surprised that I could come up with two solutions out of four during the quiz. This was a good start for the class and also a motivation for the rest of the sessions for the module. Dr Yeap went through a few different lessons with us and I really enjoyed some of them very much. The lesson on the dice was one fun "trick" that I will definitely want to use with the children in my class. It is something really new that I have learnt from Dr Yeap. The take away sticks lesson is also another lesson I can share with my students. Teaching them to recognize good numbers and bad numbers during a game (which we played in class) will be interesting for them as well! In this lesson, I learnt something very simple yet deep from Dr Yeap.. "We are teaching children, we are not teaching Mathematics." This sentence is a good reminder for all teachers! The lesson was also wrapped up with..

Take Away Sticks

5 things that we teach in a Mathematics programme:

1. Generalization
2. Communication
3. Visualization
4. Metacognition
5. Number Sense

Looking forward to the next quiz and session!

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