Thursday, 25 August 2011

Reflection on Session 3

Session 3 was done by Peggy Foo and she covered two case study of Lesson Study. Initially, I was wondering what lesson study was all about when she asked us for our views. Then I gathered that it could probably be something like a lesson observation that we have during our field practicum. She showed us a video of a teacher conducting her lesson in class and there were observers doing a lesson study on that. Everyone in my class shared their views on both the negative and positive things that we could gather from her lesson conducted. It was interesting to know what the rest of my classmates had to share about their thoughts. I learnt a few things that it a good reminder for me when conducting a lesson in my own class..

Cubes Fixing
Some thoughts:

1. Seating arrangement

2. Classroom management

3. Flow/ Sequence

4. Manipulatives/ Use of materials

5. Participation/ Engagement/ Involvement

With these same points in mind, we also shared our views with Peggy Foo on the lesson she had conducted with some K1 students. She was really generous to have shared the video on the lesson she had conducted!

Towards the end of class, we were engaged in a fun activity where we had to fix cubes. We worked as a group to share ideas on how to fix as many structures as we can with 5 cubes in each structure.It was real great fun!

And of course, the class had to end with THE quiz! It was a great attempt once again! Looking forward to the next session and quiz yet again!! :)

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